Marble Cocktail Table

marble cocktail table

    cocktail table
  • A long and low table normally positioned in front of a sofa, which provides a surface for serving. Find a coffee table.

  • coffee table: low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

  • These machines are smaller versions of the standard pinball machine, usually about the size of a cocktail table, from where they get their name. These machines have no backbox and the playfield top glass is unsloped and horizontal, allowing drinks to be placed on it.

  • a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material

  • Stain or streak (something) so that it looks like variegated marble

  • paint or stain like marble; "marble paper"

  • a small ball of glass that is used in various games

Walking to Mint before midnight.

Walking to Mint before midnight.

MINT. Peter's Camera.
Mint is my favorite bar- I love the Euro. Jack the bartender is always so nice and once gave us free Perrier when we asked for water. So...
Lina and I met up with some friends for ladies night (free cocktails until 12). They left later, but Lina and I stayed and danced for a while; after mixing and mingling we ran into these Italian guys who brought us over to their table. I've really been missing good old Andre champagne, so when I saw the two bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne I knew I had to have some, even if I didn't need it. Those Italians are OUTRAGEOUS, and Italian men are NOT shy at all- they sprayed champagne everywhere, lifting my friend up,.. I don't even know. Around 2, I told them I had to go because the france and portugal game started at 3 am (time difference)- they were like, no! we will go back to my apartment and all watch together- we can have more champagne! It seemed like a good idea at the time, and lina and I left with them- as we were walking down the stairs italian #1 knocked a random person's cocktail out of his hand, and the glass shattered everwhere but he just kept walking, then we all piled into his audi and sped off. itlaian #2 was like, So... ever gone drunk driving in shanghai???! we freeaked out as he swervved everywhere down the street (I have a bruise from basically rolling from one end of the car to the other). We finally arrived at his apartment and it was this crazy milliondollar apartment that had a lobby straight out of the St. Regis. His apartment was insane- with this huge window, marble everywhere and the craziest bathroom and a cool glass kitchen... I was talking about how I'd decorate the place (drapes?) and all of a suddent he whips out a bottle of baby oil, offering us massages, pouring us champagne... next thing I know, Itlaian guy #2 walks out naked and was like join me in the tub... I was like what?! hell no! Lina and I knew we had to go and i grabbed my heels and ran down barefoot and asked the lobby guy to get us a cab quick. Turns out we were on the other side of town 40 minutes away and it was 5 am.

IMG 1061

IMG 1061

It's back! Yes, that late 70's and early 80's Designer Furniture
is back, but this time with a smile on our faces! What a great,
over-the-top Liv Room cocktail table, in faux marble (Real Faux! ).
Is there such a thing as Post-Modern Asian? These sorts of pieces in a
Living Room are replacing the Dining Room table grouping as the more
comfortable, less formal, alternative to entertaining - this is more
the way we gather and eat with friends anyway. Terrific in contrast or
as part of that all-pale retro-glamour interior, as long as the mix
(and the kitch message) is made clear. If you see the potential,
you're on the leading edge of Yesterday's Kitch and Tomorrow's Chic.
This is exactly the kind of piece that Jonathan Adler will reproduce
for his Home Collection and have auto-body lacquered in tangerine or
lime - or you can do it for 20% of what he'll charge.) (Ed: think of
it on the taupe leather shag rug in your 70's bachelor pad! How
Halston!) $300 Great condition.
This may be a part of my upcoming, highly anticipated Hanna Barbarra

marble cocktail table

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